OXM US Leaks new possible GTA IV feature

29 05 2007

The US Official Xbox Magazine gave the usual GTA IV demo preview as all the other gaming mags and internet sites are at the moment [Please Rockstar, show us more! :P].

But one thing they did manage to slip into the preview was that when they approached a parked car from behind, an informative prompt showed up in the bottem corner of the screen asking to press LB [AKA Left-Bumper as known by Xbox 360 owners] in order to open the trunk.

What could this mean in order of gameplay wise? Could bodies be hidden or ‘stuffed’ in the trunk like the American films show? Can you store your weapons and armour in the back ready for your mission? More info on GTA IV should arrive in a couple of weeks, this question could be answered, hopefully along with the bundle of others we all are dying to know!




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