OXM US Leaks new possible GTA IV feature

29 05 2007

The US Official Xbox Magazine gave the usual GTA IV demo preview as all the other gaming mags and internet sites are at the moment [Please Rockstar, show us more! :P].

But one thing they did manage to slip into the preview was that when they approached a parked car from behind, an informative prompt showed up in the bottem corner of the screen asking to press LB [AKA Left-Bumper as known by Xbox 360 owners] in order to open the trunk.

What could this mean in order of gameplay wise? Could bodies be hidden or ‘stuffed’ in the trunk like the American films show? Can you store your weapons and armour in the back ready for your mission? More info on GTA IV should arrive in a couple of weeks, this question could be answered, hopefully along with the bundle of others we all are dying to know!


UK magazines Preview GTA IV

26 05 2007

New details have emerged from two UK magazines; PSU3 and OPS2M. While most of their previews cover known facts and information, they both let the readers in for some juicy new details.

PSU3 [Issue 10]:
New Camera Angles (About four altogether)
    – In-car camera puts you in a sort of first-person mode, looking across the bonet
    – You can use the right analogue stick to move 360 degrees around the vehicle
    – Day and night weather effects aren’t merely for show
    – Weather effects will affect the game beyond mere visual gloss
    – During the day you’ll find more pedestrians miling around, and with more traffic on the streets
    – At night, there’ll be fewer cars and fewer people around too.
    – It may or may not affect the missions, depending on what time of day you accomplish them.

OPS2M [June 07]:
– Bollards poke out from the earth at wonky angles
    – There’s rubbish everywhere
    – To get from one end of Liberty City to the other will take you at least an hour.
    – Vehicles Confirmed
          – Trains
          – Buses
          – Underground Subway System
    – Mobile Phone can now make calls and receive them for the first time.
    – Niko is aged somewhere between 35-40 years old.
    – Getting arrested will have far greater consequences than before, bearing in mind Niko’s criminal past and illegal immigrant status.

I must admit though, where it says that to get across Liberty City, it takes more thanan hour, I highly doubt that for some reason. Whether it means a real-time hour or just an in-game one remains unkown for now. But what is interesting is the fact that getting arrested will have consequences, sounds amazing! Stay tuned over the next couple of days for even more GTA IV coverage [Heres hoping for some multiplayer previews!!!]

New Batch of GTA IV Previews

24 05 2007

Today, it seems that a new ‘batch’ of previews have been published by quite a few major online websites. CVG, GameSpot andIGN have all been next in line to complete a GTA IV hands-on preview, but unfortunately, they are pretty much all the same as each other [Same info ect] Although, they do come with some brand new screenshots and even artwork. So check them all out if your interested!

.::CVG :: GameSpot :: IGN::.

Thanks to GTAJunkies

GTA IV: Special Edition Announced!

21 05 2007

Earlier Today, Rockstar Games was proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto IV would be recieving a duluxe version to go along side the usual packaging. The special edition will be released the same day as the regular edition too. Heres what you’ll get:

The Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition will be presented in a customized Grand Theft Auto metal safety deposit box. The box will contain:Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system or the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, both with special packaging–

The Grand Theft Auto IV Art Book, featuring never-before-seen production artwork from Grand Theft Auto IVSelected soundtrack CD from Grand Theft Auto IV, featuring new material from top artists, only available on this release–

An exclusive Rockstar keychain for the safety deposit box keys

–Completing the collection is a limited edition Rockstar duffel bag
All of the items have been created with the utmost attention to detail to create a unique Grand Theft Auto IV experience for any fan of the series. The Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition is available for pre-orders today and will retail for $89.99 in
North America.

Europe are also expecting to recieve the SE although no price was mentioned. Well, I know which version i’m getting, and it’s gonna cause me to dig deeper into my pocket.

Cool new GTA IV artwork

20 05 2007

This new artwork done by Makotron is absolutley amazing! It really does actually look like a piece of art that Rockstar would do. Check it out!

Rockstar, maybe you should consider hiring this guy…

New GTA Info Surfaced

16 05 2007

The German edition of GamePro has been the next in line to do a GTA IV preview and yet again it features mainly already known facts. But there are a couple of new info that they managed to spill, here they are:

  • There will be several different animation sets for breaking into a car, so far we know one of them includes Niko breaking the glass of the window with his elbow, then starting the car using the injection cables. We know there probably isn’t a lot of different other ways Niko can do this, but we suspect it will involve dynamic animations, and for instance Niko sometimes becoming suspicious in the middle of hotwiring a car, looking around to see if anyone suspects what he’s doing, then continuing. Rockstar previously said they want the animations to look less “canned”, so this would fit well with that goal.

  • According to the article, Rockstar are using less non-realistic elements than previous GTA games, such as arrows and markers assisting and indicating things to the player. We already know the in-game mobile phone will play a big part in replacing some of these things, so perhaps we might see other helpful gadgets such a GPS system, though that is just speculation.

  • One of the ideas going into development is to give every street in the game a name, which could be displayed on-screen when you enter it by foot or car. This feature is yet to be decided on, along with the previously revealed information piece about Rockstar still deciding whether the entire city will be accessible from the start, or if different areas will be inaccessible by way of cordoning off bridges and such.

  • When R*’s Dan Houser was asked about the differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, he replied saying that it is their goal to have none, and that there are no platform preferences, both are difficult to develop on. For now, we take this as to have nothing to do with the extra downloadable content.

  • Speaking of which, he further says that they’re not sure what exactly will be offered through additional content downloads. He says that maybe some things will be free, and others offered at a price.

GTA IV’s Achievments – Your ideas?

14 05 2007

Earlier today I was on my 360 playing C&C 3 looking at the achievments when suddenly it hit me; What achievments will GTA IV have? I thought about it for quite a while when I decided I would show you what I think would be good ideas for GTA IV achievments:

GTA Master – 100% Completion [100G]
No Life
– Play for over 100 hours [30G]
Story Teller – Complete all story missions [50G]
– Steal every vehicle at least once [25G]
Liberty City Massacre – Kill over 5000 people [50G]

So they’re just a few of my ideas but I’d like to hear some of yours so if you want to share them with other GTA players around the globe then be sure to email them to me and I will post them in a couple of days with all the other ones I have recieved.

 Email me with your suggestions