UK magazines Preview GTA IV

26 05 2007

New details have emerged from two UK magazines; PSU3 and OPS2M. While most of their previews cover known facts and information, they both let the readers in for some juicy new details.

PSU3 [Issue 10]:
New Camera Angles (About four altogether)
    – In-car camera puts you in a sort of first-person mode, looking across the bonet
    – You can use the right analogue stick to move 360 degrees around the vehicle
    – Day and night weather effects aren’t merely for show
    – Weather effects will affect the game beyond mere visual gloss
    – During the day you’ll find more pedestrians miling around, and with more traffic on the streets
    – At night, there’ll be fewer cars and fewer people around too.
    – It may or may not affect the missions, depending on what time of day you accomplish them.

OPS2M [June 07]:
– Bollards poke out from the earth at wonky angles
    – There’s rubbish everywhere
    – To get from one end of Liberty City to the other will take you at least an hour.
    – Vehicles Confirmed
          – Trains
          – Buses
          – Underground Subway System
    – Mobile Phone can now make calls and receive them for the first time.
    – Niko is aged somewhere between 35-40 years old.
    – Getting arrested will have far greater consequences than before, bearing in mind Niko’s criminal past and illegal immigrant status.

I must admit though, where it says that to get across Liberty City, it takes more thanan hour, I highly doubt that for some reason. Whether it means a real-time hour or just an in-game one remains unkown for now. But what is interesting is the fact that getting arrested will have consequences, sounds amazing! Stay tuned over the next couple of days for even more GTA IV coverage [Heres hoping for some multiplayer previews!!!]




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