Desktop Series 2007

1 06 2007

Rockstar Games are gearing up for Summer 07′  with their desktop series 2007, bringing new wallpapers and screensavers. Available wallpaper styles are the black and white Downtown series and the abstract Deconstructed series, while screensavers come in black and white Deconstructed. There is also the Spring 2007 Collections and a Myspace theme if you missed those.

Rockstar Downloads


Manhunt 2 site updates

31 05 2007

Rockstar has just updated the Manhunt 2 site with loads of goodies for show. The major update is the appearance of a new official trailer [Trailer 2]. New screenshots have also been added to the gallery page along with a new patient file, but this time for Leo Kasper [Cool audio clips with animated backgrounds], so check it out!

Official Trailer 2
Official Manhunt 2 site

New Manhunt 2 Previews

29 05 2007

Two new Manhunt 2 previews have shown up giving both old and new info. The Offficial PlayStation Portable Magazine  [Issue 30]  pretty much just gives already known info whereas , the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine gives quite a fair bit of new facts, read them all here:

• Execution button has been refined to just holding down the R1 button now, with no need for any addition buttons to be pressed.

• Flashbacks level ‘Best Friends’ where you play as Leo. In the level you are hunting down a man who stabbed you in the back, by the name of Michael. The level takes place at a dockside warehouse and includes a meat-packing puzzle. The confrontation ends with Michael being killed and Leo escaping on Michael’s powerboat. The magazine goes on to say that the battle acts as a ‘boss battle’, or is the equivalent to a boss battle for Manhunt 2.

• New weapons confirmed and or shown include: Uzi, baton, magnum, scythe, barrel of water and a flare gun.

• A new gun execution is mentioned; you put the gun in the hunters’ mouth and blow the top half of his head off.

• There is the ability to turn ‘VCR-style static’ off and on.

• A new hunter type is shown, they are big bulky military type characters, imagine the Wardogs on steroids and you are in the right ballpark.

• The magazine suggests that Daniels blackouts might be triggered through the use of televisions, in one screenshot you can see a half dozen or so TVs with Daniel holding his head as though in pain.

• New environmental executions revealed include a puddle of petrol that can be ignited with a match, a meat grinder that can be used for dumping bodies in and another shows Daniel holding a manhole cover over a fallen hunter, ready to decapitate him.

The Official PlayStation 2 Magazine also has the honours of getting the worlds first ever Manhunt 2 review, so check out for Issue 87 [Released 21st June] for that!

OXM US Leaks new possible GTA IV feature

29 05 2007

The US Official Xbox Magazine gave the usual GTA IV demo preview as all the other gaming mags and internet sites are at the moment [Please Rockstar, show us more! :P].

But one thing they did manage to slip into the preview was that when they approached a parked car from behind, an informative prompt showed up in the bottem corner of the screen asking to press LB [AKA Left-Bumper as known by Xbox 360 owners] in order to open the trunk.

What could this mean in order of gameplay wise? Could bodies be hidden or ‘stuffed’ in the trunk like the American films show? Can you store your weapons and armour in the back ready for your mission? More info on GTA IV should arrive in a couple of weeks, this question could be answered, hopefully along with the bundle of others we all are dying to know!

UK magazines Preview GTA IV

26 05 2007

New details have emerged from two UK magazines; PSU3 and OPS2M. While most of their previews cover known facts and information, they both let the readers in for some juicy new details.

PSU3 [Issue 10]:
New Camera Angles (About four altogether)
    – In-car camera puts you in a sort of first-person mode, looking across the bonet
    – You can use the right analogue stick to move 360 degrees around the vehicle
    – Day and night weather effects aren’t merely for show
    – Weather effects will affect the game beyond mere visual gloss
    – During the day you’ll find more pedestrians miling around, and with more traffic on the streets
    – At night, there’ll be fewer cars and fewer people around too.
    – It may or may not affect the missions, depending on what time of day you accomplish them.

OPS2M [June 07]:
– Bollards poke out from the earth at wonky angles
    – There’s rubbish everywhere
    – To get from one end of Liberty City to the other will take you at least an hour.
    – Vehicles Confirmed
          – Trains
          – Buses
          – Underground Subway System
    – Mobile Phone can now make calls and receive them for the first time.
    – Niko is aged somewhere between 35-40 years old.
    – Getting arrested will have far greater consequences than before, bearing in mind Niko’s criminal past and illegal immigrant status.

I must admit though, where it says that to get across Liberty City, it takes more thanan hour, I highly doubt that for some reason. Whether it means a real-time hour or just an in-game one remains unkown for now. But what is interesting is the fact that getting arrested will have consequences, sounds amazing! Stay tuned over the next couple of days for even more GTA IV coverage [Heres hoping for some multiplayer previews!!!]

Manhunt 2 IGN Preview [Wii]

26 05 2007

Gaming Site; IGN, are the first ever people to publish a ‘hands on’ preview of the Nintendo Wii copy of Manhunt 2. And thanks to ProjectManhunt, they managed to take all the good stuff out of the article. Here it is:

Wii Controls:
• To perform an execution on the Wii build of the game you sneak up behind an enemy hold down the A button, similarly to the PS2 version, however as the execution kicks in you direct the killing through a series of button presses and movement gestures that are indicated on screen.
• Firearms are controlled by holding down the C button and aiming with the Wii Remote with ‘pixel-perfect accuracy’ and you tap the B button to fire. Cycling through weapons is handled by pushing down on the D-pad.
• You can lean left and right with rotations of the nunchuck attachment.

So what is exclusive to the Wii version?
• Interactive execution – the animations are played out through button and motion gestures.
• Exclusive weapons – razor, mace and broken bottle.
• Improved gore – blood splatters on the screen and covers Daniel. Daniel will become covering in blood, bruises, gashes, head wounds and gun shot wounds.
• Improved graphics – characters and environment are sharper

Here is one example of just how you will be taking a hunter down on the Wii build:
Or, if you’d prefer, you can use a saw blade and cut upward into a foe’s groin and buttocks, motioning forward and backward with the Wii remote as you go.

Matt goes on to say that the Wii version is already running at a steady 30 frames per second, and runs in both 480p and 16:9 widescreen modes.

Additional information about the game on all platforms:
Rockstar has not given you control of the camera in any version of the game because it wanted to maintain the cinematic quality of the experience and build suspense. The auto-camera is smart and shoots the action from behind Danny’s back, although you can twist the nunchuk left or right to lean the view in either direction.

Whao! Manhunt on the Wii sounds extremely cool, and is definately the better version out of the three [PS2, PSP, Wii] The preview also came bundled with 5 brand new screens from the Wii version.

Links: IGN Preview, New Screenshots

New Batch of GTA IV Previews

24 05 2007

Today, it seems that a new ‘batch’ of previews have been published by quite a few major online websites. CVG, GameSpot andIGN have all been next in line to complete a GTA IV hands-on preview, but unfortunately, they are pretty much all the same as each other [Same info ect] Although, they do come with some brand new screenshots and even artwork. So check them all out if your interested!

.::CVG :: GameSpot :: IGN::.

Thanks to GTAJunkies