Manhunt 2 site updates

31 05 2007

Rockstar has just updated the Manhunt 2 site with loads of goodies for show. The major update is the appearance of a new official trailer [Trailer 2]. New screenshots have also been added to the gallery page along with a new patient file, but this time for Leo Kasper [Cool audio clips with animated backgrounds], so check it out!

Official Trailer 2
Official Manhunt 2 site


New Manhunt 2 Previews

29 05 2007

Two new Manhunt 2 previews have shown up giving both old and new info. The Offficial PlayStation Portable Magazine  [Issue 30]  pretty much just gives already known info whereas , the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine gives quite a fair bit of new facts, read them all here:

• Execution button has been refined to just holding down the R1 button now, with no need for any addition buttons to be pressed.

• Flashbacks level ‘Best Friends’ where you play as Leo. In the level you are hunting down a man who stabbed you in the back, by the name of Michael. The level takes place at a dockside warehouse and includes a meat-packing puzzle. The confrontation ends with Michael being killed and Leo escaping on Michael’s powerboat. The magazine goes on to say that the battle acts as a ‘boss battle’, or is the equivalent to a boss battle for Manhunt 2.

• New weapons confirmed and or shown include: Uzi, baton, magnum, scythe, barrel of water and a flare gun.

• A new gun execution is mentioned; you put the gun in the hunters’ mouth and blow the top half of his head off.

• There is the ability to turn ‘VCR-style static’ off and on.

• A new hunter type is shown, they are big bulky military type characters, imagine the Wardogs on steroids and you are in the right ballpark.

• The magazine suggests that Daniels blackouts might be triggered through the use of televisions, in one screenshot you can see a half dozen or so TVs with Daniel holding his head as though in pain.

• New environmental executions revealed include a puddle of petrol that can be ignited with a match, a meat grinder that can be used for dumping bodies in and another shows Daniel holding a manhole cover over a fallen hunter, ready to decapitate him.

The Official PlayStation 2 Magazine also has the honours of getting the worlds first ever Manhunt 2 review, so check out for Issue 87 [Released 21st June] for that!

Manhunt 2 IGN Preview [Wii]

26 05 2007

Gaming Site; IGN, are the first ever people to publish a ‘hands on’ preview of the Nintendo Wii copy of Manhunt 2. And thanks to ProjectManhunt, they managed to take all the good stuff out of the article. Here it is:

Wii Controls:
• To perform an execution on the Wii build of the game you sneak up behind an enemy hold down the A button, similarly to the PS2 version, however as the execution kicks in you direct the killing through a series of button presses and movement gestures that are indicated on screen.
• Firearms are controlled by holding down the C button and aiming with the Wii Remote with ‘pixel-perfect accuracy’ and you tap the B button to fire. Cycling through weapons is handled by pushing down on the D-pad.
• You can lean left and right with rotations of the nunchuck attachment.

So what is exclusive to the Wii version?
• Interactive execution – the animations are played out through button and motion gestures.
• Exclusive weapons – razor, mace and broken bottle.
• Improved gore – blood splatters on the screen and covers Daniel. Daniel will become covering in blood, bruises, gashes, head wounds and gun shot wounds.
• Improved graphics – characters and environment are sharper

Here is one example of just how you will be taking a hunter down on the Wii build:
Or, if you’d prefer, you can use a saw blade and cut upward into a foe’s groin and buttocks, motioning forward and backward with the Wii remote as you go.

Matt goes on to say that the Wii version is already running at a steady 30 frames per second, and runs in both 480p and 16:9 widescreen modes.

Additional information about the game on all platforms:
Rockstar has not given you control of the camera in any version of the game because it wanted to maintain the cinematic quality of the experience and build suspense. The auto-camera is smart and shoots the action from behind Danny’s back, although you can twist the nunchuk left or right to lean the view in either direction.

Whao! Manhunt on the Wii sounds extremely cool, and is definately the better version out of the three [PS2, PSP, Wii] The preview also came bundled with 5 brand new screens from the Wii version.

Links: IGN Preview, New Screenshots

Manhunt 2 News Update

22 05 2007

Rockstar have lately updated the official Manhunt 2 site news section with two new posts. Check em out:

Manhunt 2 on Tour with the Sounds of the Underground:
Manhunt 2 will be sponsoring the 3rd annual Sounds of the Underground tour this summer. The 26-date tour, which kicks off July 6th in Dallas, will feature the biggest names in extreme metal, as well as a chance to check out the game and be a part of exclusive Manhunt 2 competitions and giveaways. For more information and tour dates, visit

Manhunt 2 Footage on FEARnet:
Comcast cable TV subscribers should keep an eye out for footage of Manhunt 2 airing on FEARnet, Comcast’s horror video on-demand channel, throughout July and August. For more information, as well as all the latest news from the world of horror movies, check out

Finally, a Manhunt 2 preview for Wii

20 05 2007

IGN have just done a podcast including a Manhunt 2 preview, but not with the same ol’ PS2 version, but the hyped Wii one. Although, they did state that they could not say too much, but they said the Wii version is still on track to be released on day 1 with both the PS2 and PSP copies. This is what they had to say:

 Sadly, we can’t talk a ton about any details on it, but we can tell you that it’s very very fun and that we had a blast with it when it came. It’s pretty good looking for a Wii game, id say it’s one of the prettier games on Wii, certainly the blood effects are really nice.We can’t really talk about details yet but we will have some coverage this coming week and you can look forward to that but in the mean time we can say that your going to want the Wii version absolutely, there’s absolutely no reason to get the PS2 version, your going to see why, were going to explain why, but um there are several major i’d say really kind of fundamentally important reasons you would want the Wii version.

Ah we went hands on with this game for a long time, yeah it was like 4 hours. Yeah it’s the first time I’ve played a Wii game and when they took it away i was like don’t, don’t, aside from Zelda seriously, i love this game.

For me it’s like you know they announce a game like this and you know in the back of my mind I’m like uwwwh i hope this isn’t going to be a stupid port, you know with like tacked on Wii controls, it doesn’t feel that way at all, can’t talk about why of course. People are now learning that Manhunt 2 is going to be good on Wii.

So, looks like the Wii will be getting the best version out of all three but we will have to wait and see over the next few weeks.

Download the Podcast here

Manhunt 2 release date

9 05 2007

Manhunt 2’s release date has been given a more specific time. Instead of the previous ‘Summer 2007’ it is now ‘July 2007’. So we can expect to get the game in just a couple of months. A few sites are now starting to give the 6th of July for the UK and 10th for the US. Now, to me this is great news because it’s not often the UK gets good games before the American’s do, so it’s feels good to get an highly anticipated game like tis earlier! I’m off to mark my calender!

Jack Thompson not giving up!

9 05 2007

Jack Thompson, the American attourney and games activist lost a law suite to Rockstar Games a couple of months ago. To try and get back at them, he has now sent a letter to the fast food chain Wendy’s in an attempt to stop them promoting the Nintendo Wii. And due to the fact that Manhunt 2 is being released on that format [As well as a few others], Jack thinks it would be fine to just sue even more companies [Even though the promotion Wendy’s are doing has absolutley nothing to do with Manhunt 2 itself] And thanks to ShackNews, here is the letter wrote by Jack himself.

The Letter