The upgrade is ready!

1 06 2007

Finally, after days and days of work, it is finally ready to launch…

RockstarGamesUncut prouldy presents…

This site will no longer be updating, so check out the new RockstarGamesUncut for all the latest news, previews, reviews and media on all of Rockstar’s fine games!
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RockstarGamesUncut upgrade

29 05 2007

After just a couple a months after RockstarGamesUncut was set up in order to bring fans of Rockstar Games what they wanted best, the latest news, media and much more! Well, it looks like the site is finally going to recieve an upgrade which will both improve  and even add additional useful and enjoyable features. Here are some of the new/improved features which the new site will be recieving:

– First off, the site will be getting a new domain name [Most likely a .com]
– The site will load faster and even more ‘smoothly’
– A forum!
– I may also be hiring a few members as staff for the site/forum
– There will be a few extra other added features which will be kept wrapped up until nearer the release date

 Stay tuned for more info over the coming days!

EA Games mocking GTA IV?

7 05 2007

A few days ago a new EA Games website went live with the url being [Site no longer available], the site featured a splash page which contained the same font used for ‘IV’ aka GTA.  The site is obviously promoting a Simpson’s game [Probably for the movie] but they are doing it GTA IV style. Now, although this isn’t really Rockstar Games news, I thought you should all see it for a laugh!

You can see the picture here

New Support page

5 05 2007

I have now created a Support page for anyone who wishes to help the site out by purchasing Rockstar Games goods. For every game that is purchased, this site gains 5% profit to go towards a new domain name, more server space and to pay for the ever increasing traffic. So if you are looking to buy any of Rockstar’s games through Amazon UK then please buy them through our link [You can find it on the Support page] to keep this site growing! Thanks!

New Affiliate!

16 04 2007

Hey, we have our very first affiliation with the site; GrandTheftAuto360. A great site dedicated to GTA IV for the Xbox 360 so check it out!


Welcome to RockstarGamesUncut

13 04 2007

Welcome to RockstarGamesUncut! Over the next couple of years this blog is gonna deliver all the latest news, reviews, previews, pictures/videos and interviews for every single Rockstar Game. So this blog is now your #1 spot for everything R* Games