New Manhunt 2 Previews

29 05 2007

Two new Manhunt 2 previews have shown up giving both old and new info. The Offficial PlayStation Portable Magazine  [Issue 30]  pretty much just gives already known info whereas , the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine gives quite a fair bit of new facts, read them all here:

• Execution button has been refined to just holding down the R1 button now, with no need for any addition buttons to be pressed.

• Flashbacks level ‘Best Friends’ where you play as Leo. In the level you are hunting down a man who stabbed you in the back, by the name of Michael. The level takes place at a dockside warehouse and includes a meat-packing puzzle. The confrontation ends with Michael being killed and Leo escaping on Michael’s powerboat. The magazine goes on to say that the battle acts as a ‘boss battle’, or is the equivalent to a boss battle for Manhunt 2.

• New weapons confirmed and or shown include: Uzi, baton, magnum, scythe, barrel of water and a flare gun.

• A new gun execution is mentioned; you put the gun in the hunters’ mouth and blow the top half of his head off.

• There is the ability to turn ‘VCR-style static’ off and on.

• A new hunter type is shown, they are big bulky military type characters, imagine the Wardogs on steroids and you are in the right ballpark.

• The magazine suggests that Daniels blackouts might be triggered through the use of televisions, in one screenshot you can see a half dozen or so TVs with Daniel holding his head as though in pain.

• New environmental executions revealed include a puddle of petrol that can be ignited with a match, a meat grinder that can be used for dumping bodies in and another shows Daniel holding a manhole cover over a fallen hunter, ready to decapitate him.

The Official PlayStation 2 Magazine also has the honours of getting the worlds first ever Manhunt 2 review, so check out for Issue 87 [Released 21st June] for that!




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