Australian GTA IV Preview

11 05 2007

Within the last couple of days, the world as been introduced to quite a few GTA IV previews, which can only be described as a good thing. Here is some new info from down under:

  • During the demo, when Niko passed an ATM machine a message appeared on the screen indicating a button to press in order to access his funds. Nothing more official is discussed about this, though it would appear that you’ll likely be able to deposit and withdraw money from the various ATM machines across the game.
  • As part of GTA IV’s new physics, you’ll be able to hear/feel the base of vehicles passing by with their radio turned on.
  • Rockstar says that the usual GTA driving controls have been tremendously tweaked and enhanced.
  • When selecting a contact on your mobile phone, a list of several commands are made available to the player, such as “meet me here” etc.
  • Playing the single player game through co-operative mode is not possible, however there will be a co-op mode in addition to all the other unknown multiplayer modes.
  • According to Dan Houser, VP of Creative for Rockstar Games, they haven’t yet figured out if GTA IV is going to spark off another set of GTA games connected to it, and they’re currently just focusing on this single game. He does say he “would have a certain confidence” setting GTA outside the United States, such as England in the future.
  • When asked about a San Andreas Stories for the PSP, he replies saying that they don’t have any plans for that at the moment, suggesting that they likely haven’t started at all on another GTA PSP title
  • So co-op has been confirmed as one of the multi-player game modes although it won’t be releated to single player at all. But it is still good news!




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