Another new GTA IV preview

10 05 2007

Well, looks like another GTA IV preview has come about. This time from the Italian Official Playstation Magazine.  Here is the new info:

– It is possible to view the bus schedule at bus stops in the game. You will most likely be able to ride the bus around the city for a small fee.
the main character, Niko Bellic, pulls out a weapon in the game, the camera positions itself over the shoulder and a crosshair appears at the center of the screen. The translation claims that it is possible to remain locked on to a target and strafe left or right to avoid shots.
– Niko, the main character, will not be able to get in a car and immediately start driving like in previous games in the series. You will have to perhaps “hot wire” the car. You might also have to sneak up to the car and break the window. These are sketchy details, though, so don’t go around thinking this as complete factual information.
– Niko can freely climb several things such as telephone poles and fire escapes. No word if you will be able to climb walls like in San Andreas, though.
– If you were looking closely in the trailer, you could see down into the grating of a sidewalk panel. Light will shine down into these areas, and the subway or sewer is most likely below.
– Though the translation for this next bullet point might have been bad, people are claiming that Philip Glass, the composer of the music heard in the first trailer, will be involved in the production of the game soundtrack




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