New GTA IV Scans

27 04 2007

People are now starting to recieve the new issue of the Official PlayStation magazine and it actually contains some new GTA IV scans. Check em’ out!

New Facts:
– Virtually no returning characters
– Pop up is limited. You can see for miles
– Litter is present on the streets
– You can change outfits but you can’t change your physique
– Niko is in his mid thirties so “Don’t expect to see him riding pushbikes or flying jetpacks”
– The mob is features but not heavily
– The police are more heavily featured than ever before
– Sixaxis isn’t in yet and R* aren’t sure if it will be
– Definately online, not MMORPG
– You decide who to ring
– When asked about custom soundtracks using your consoles hard drive, Dan Houser answered “Possibly”
– Property buying and empire building is cut down
– Nico may be able to do legitimate work too
– The city will be full of leisure activities

Thanks to for the info!




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